About Us

The South Bay Camera Club was organized over 60 years ago by novice printmakers for the purpose of sharing the mutual benefits of their new hobby. The club is now a member of the Southern California Council of Camera
Clubs (S4C)
and the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

The purpose is still the same, sharing the fascinating hobby of modern photography.

Photographic knowledge is shared through competitions, workshops and friendships. Digital cameras are used by a majority of the members; however, there is still interest in film-based photography and darkroom activities. Club critique sessions are equally divided between projected digital images and prints in both color and black and white.

Only Members may enter the evaluations. Guests are welcome to all meetings, so please come view our outstanding photographs.

Membership is only $62.50 per year (8/1 – 6/30), or $45 (1/1 – 6/30). Membership includes two meetings per month, (except Dec., June and July), digital and print workshops many months, field trips, and two annual banquets (banquet costs not included). Join us soon!

You can view the membership application HERE.

Harry Korn, Past President, SBCC